Make War

I have a tattoo on my wrist of a cross. Underneath the arms of the cross are the words ‘Make War.’ These two elements of the tattoo (rightfully) seem contradictory, which sparks questions from both Christians and non-Christians.

There is much more to the story than what I’ll explore here, but I will go into the core idea that inspired it. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post explaining that suffering and pain are a reality of life, and why we must accept that.
‘Make War’ is my daily reminder that while we live in a fallen world, where sickness, pain and suffering exist, we also have the powerful Spirit of God on our side, and are at war with the enemy. We have the Spirit of life and light; which darkness cannot overcome. We have the Spirit of God who loves, heals, creates, transforms, and overcomes even death itself.

The Lord our God lives in us. He is closer to us than the very blood in our veins. This surely has consequences in our lives! We have been given the Spirit of God to be ambassadors of His kingdom. What that kingdom looks like should be seen in our lives, and should be felt by those around us.
Our God has always been a healer and provider, and He hasn’t stopped now. His love for people and the world should be our love, and that love should ignite a passion to see His kingdom come on earth.

Not only this, but we are children of God. We who accept Christ have been adopted as children and co-heirs with him. Take a moment to meditate on the awesomeness of that truth, and the implications it must have if it is in fact true.
As sons and daughters of the God of life, we should be outraged at the presence of suffering and evil in this world. We should be furiously outraged that darkness would dare to touch God’s creation, let alone His sons and daughters. This anger should prompt us to make war against sin and suffering, and see the kingdom of God penetrate the world around us.

Sometimes, for reasons we cannot yet understand, God doesn’t heal in this lifetime. But sometimes He does, and sometimes He’s waiting for you to ask, or ask again, or ask just one more time. Who knows how God might use a miracle in your life to advance His kingdom on earth? Never stop pressing in to the presence of God; never stop believing for a breakthrough in your situation, or for someone you love. Our God is more powerful than ‘impossible’. Make war against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil. Make war against sin, suffering and complacency. With the power of God on your side, and as a servant and royal ambassador of the kingdom of God; make war.

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