A Cruel and Oppressive Ruler

If the people are not free to honestly and objectively critique a person, movement or idea, then that person, movement or idea has become a tyrant. If I try to critique feminism, I am immediately belittled. I am deemed 'uneducated' by feminists. My words are written off and slandered. I am told I am bigoted,... Continue Reading →


A personal reflection of my own struggle with self-forgiveness, and its powerful necessity for living well.

Make War

We should be furiously outraged that darkness would dare to touch God’s creation, let alone His sons and daughters. This anger should prompt us to make war against sin and suffering, and see the kingdom of God penetrate the world around us.

You do You

You shouldn't strive to be perfect - it's an impossible task! But self-improvement is necessary to live a healthy life.

The Reality of Suffering

The topic of suffering has various aspects that need to be appropriately addressed by the church as a whole. The aspect of it that I want to discuss here is the reality of suffering in the Christian life. There are many Christians who believe that God never causes or allows illness, injury, or loss that... Continue Reading →

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